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A fun journey into the world of professional wrestling from a fans perspective.

November 28, 2017

Woken - UTRR032


We're back from our tryptophan induced comas and we hope everyone had a great holiday. On this weeks show Cousin Tom is Woken and ready to talk about Matt Hardy. We discuss how the Broken gimmick might work in WWE and just how far they can take the gimmick with the WWE universe. Plus I talk about what the greatest threat to having a full on Broken Matt Hardy is for all us fan. Then we throw out who we'd like to see as Matt's first feud if he does go full broken. Also get ready because the year end awards will be out for you to vote on soon and you can leave your opinion on the Under the Ring Report voicemail to be used on the show. I hope we've left you a little more enlightened.


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